United States Fifth Circuit – Mostly Texas Judges, of Course – Take the Word of Police Automatically, According to the United States Supreme Court

It’s rare for the United States Supreme Court, with 5 ultra conservative justices, to ever side against police or prosecutors.  But some right-wing judges take that history as a license to go even further out from reality to help police to the detriment of regular citizens.

Finally, even our conservative Supreme Court had to say, “Stop!  You’ve gone too far.”  This Bellaire, Texas cop shoots an unarmed pro B-Ball player Robert Tolan three times in the chest for “moving” after he stops him in his own driveway.  (The cop saw the car speeding, typed in the incorrect license plate number and got a “stolen car” response — never double-checked, of course.)

Then this very dangerous cop gets acquitted of assault by a Texas jury, since jurors pretty much alwaysbelieve police only, and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the civil suit Mr. Tolan later brought against his assailant.  The dismissal embraced only what the cop had claimed what happened, not what Plaintiff Tolan asserted.

Too far, Boys and Girls, for even the US Supreme Court.

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