More on Robbie Tolan – Details of What Happened the Night the Police Shot Yet Another Unarmed Black Man

Turns out that, when a second cop on the scene “instructed” Tolan’s Mom, who was on her own porch, to stop yelling, “Why are you doing that to my son,” the police decided that was refusal to accept police instruction.  Laying aside the question of who made the police the arbiter of who could say what, the second officer on the scene, a sergeant, while Robbie was face down on his own front law, grabbed Mom and slammed her face first into the front door.

That’s when Robbie got to his knees and had the temerity to plead “Why you doing that to my Mom,” and so the sergeant, a command officer remember, shot him three times in the chest.  That is the WHOLE story.  Not good enough for an all-white Texas jury to convict the white cop, of course, but then to add insult to injury, the federal judge where Robbie’s civil suit was filed dismissed it without allowing a trial.

The United States Supreme Count unanimously (when was the last time you heard of them all voting unanimously?) reversed and sent the case back to give the Tolans their rightful day in court.

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