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Let’s Advocate Against Wrongful Convictions!

The US Justice Department knows that potentially innocent people can be victims of wrongful convictions based on flawed forensic work. But what happens to the prosecutors who allow this horrible practice to continue? Nothing. A few years ago, we learned through some investigative reporting that federal prosecutors they failed to notify defendants, or their attorneys, […]

Even Judges Who are Former Federal Prosecutors Know the Government Bullies Defendants Into Guilty Pleas

Sentencing Abuse Alleged by Judge A federal judge said that the Justice Department routinely abuses its power to bully defendants into giving up their constitutional right to a trial. By Devlin Barrett Oct 18, 2013 – Wall Street Journal – News A federal judge said that the Justice Department routinely abuses its power to bully defendants […]

The DOJ’s Newest Attack on the Fourth Amendment

Remote Digital Searches: Your Computer is Totally Not Private if Federal Criminal Law changes for the worst. This news was brought to light by the Gizmodo Federal Criminal Law Blog, describing the Justice Department’s continuing attack on the Fourh Amendment – the constitutional right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures: A new proposed rule […]

Federal Criminal Law – The Federal Code

There are literally thousands of federal criminal laws on the books today, and learning them all would take more than a few law school courses.  But we at Burdick Law want everyone who is interested in understanding how the federal system works, or who is facing charges in that system, to have a solid understanding […]

Federal Criminal Law – FBI Hair Comparison “Experts” – Part 2

More on FBI misdeeds in the realm of junk science in federal criminal law. These so-called experts claimed at trial after trial that the hair comparisons were near-certain “matches” to defendants charged in the cases.  To make matters worse, to butress their phony testimony, they described misleading statistics culled from their own work.  In other […]

Federal Criminal Law – RICO (Racketeering)

In all of Federal Criminal Law, one of the toughest statutes is the one referred to as Racketeering(Title 18 §1962) is one of the most burdensome of all federal criminal laws, in that it operates more than anything to dramatically increase sentencing guidelines. Clearly, the use of RICO can earn an individual a sentence of 20 […]