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“Why do you need a lawyer if you haven’t done anything wrong?”

This is what suspect after suspect is told by most investigators – including federal agents – when they say they want to talk with an attorney before being interviewed.  To make matters worse, federal agents have been employing a long-standing “tradition” of tricking interrogation subjects into making a false statement — which, though not a […]

Police Officers in Texas Need Time to Cook Up Their Stories About Police Shootings – Only in Texas

Dallas PD changes policy to enable police coverups after shootings (Written by Grits for Breakfast in Texas – NOT by James W. Burdick) Regular Grits readers will recall the recent episode in Dallas where a police officer shot a mentally ill suspect, claiming he feared for his life. His partner said in a written report […]

The Sad, Sad Truth About Indigent Defense – An Assembly Line That Results in Massive Miscarriages of Justice

Lawyers, Not Another Commission, For The Poor Stephen B. Bright, Sherrilyn Ifill and Virginia SLoan The National Law Journal Public officials respond to intractable problems in a couple of ways. One is to tackle them head on, learning from experience and bringing about what progress is possible. Another is to create a commission that studies […]

Time to Change Drug Laws & Sentencing

Time to Change Drug Laws & Sentencing: Even though I have represented many accused drug dealers, I would give up all that business in a heartbeat if the government would make sentences equal the circumstances and the individuals. We have more people in prison than any other country in the world, and mostly because of […]

Amanda Knox Prosecutors: the Worst in the World

Kercher murder trial: Call to jail Amanda Knox for 30 years Amanda Knox has not returned to Italy for the retrial Italian prosecutors have asked for a 30-year prison sentence for former US student Amanda Knox in a retrial over the murder of her British housemate. Prosecutors also requested that Ms Knox’s ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito receive 26 […]

Sentenced to a Slow Death

Finally politicians are looking at the absurdity of life sentences for non-violent crimes, if only because of the financial burden it puts on the economy. Well, right things happen sometimes for the wrong reasons and, as a lawyer, I am very pleased that we may be seeing the end to these idiotic life sentences. If […]

Here is a Former County Prosecutor…….

Here is a former county prosecutor, later appointed criminal court judge, who knowingly sent an innocent man to prison, where he served 25 years before being proven innocent. This poor excuse for a man intentionally withheld crucial evidence of innocence, even after being ordered to turn over all such “exculpatory” evidence to the defense. All […]

4 On Your Side Investigates Traffic Stop Nightmare

After all these years as a prosecutor and then criminal defense lawyer, I though I’d seen just about every kind of twisted abuse some police use on citizens – innocent or otherwise – but this outrageous conduct described here takes the cake, and offers a whole new chapter into insidious police abuses. it proves once […]