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The Search for Truth

All too often criminal investigators, and prosecutors, only search for guilt.  I was reading a British crime novel last night, and the protagonist, a 1920’s Scotland Yard detective, reminisced about what an old sergeant had taught him at the beginning of the detective’s career (and I’m paraphrasing): A police officer’s [or prosecutor’s] job should be […]

Yet Another Victim of Police Misconduct

Seventh Circuit Affirms Expert Witness Testimony Following $25 Million Jury Verdict October 23, 2013 by Inna Kraner An expert witness vindicated the innocence of a Chicago man who spent 16 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. Thaddeus Jimenez was just 13 year old when he became the focus of a police investigation following the […]

More Police Corruption Revealed – Imagine How Different Reality is from TV

FBI investigating false reports filed by Baltimore police unit Probe began after federal charges leveled against an officer By Ian Duncan, The Baltimore Sun FBI investigators acting on a tip from a disgraced former Baltimore police investigator have found that officers in a special plainclothes unit falsified reports to further their cases, a federal prosecutor […]

11 Charged in Lower Manhattan Drug Ring

ByJAMES C. McKINLEY Jr. “Along Avenue D in Manhattan, Dwayne Mitchell was known as Dubbs, an affable ladies man who drove an Infiniti and had fathered several children with different girlfriends. He won the affection of many residents by paying for block parties and throwing barbecues. He even took neighborhood children to amusement parks like […]

Misbehaving Prosecutors Get Privilege of Anonymity

We’re pretty lucky in the Detroit Federal Prosecutor’s Office to have very honest prosecutors who rarely if ever take “cheap shots” just to “win at all costs,” largely because the leadership of that office has been above reproach and that’s the kind of assistant United States Attorneys they hire.  Sadly, the same cannot be said […]